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Why Facebook’s Stock isn’t Performing

Let me answer that question with 3 questions: How often do you go to to: shop? find products/services? click on ads? The end. //D

How to Convert Facebook Personal Account to Facebook Business Page

Do you have more than one Facebook account? Have you been falsely logging into different accounts for your business? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, you are risking having Facebook shut down *all* of your accounts. Luckily for you, Facebook has implemented a way for you to convert that account into a business page. Why should… Read full article

Creeped Out by the Latest Facebook Changes?

Fret not… for below are Plain English Explanations that may ease your mind. Or perhaps make you even more creeped out, depending on what you think about all of it. =) The Takeaway: It’s pretty clear… Facebook users are all here mainly because their friends are here. OR they want to market their company to… Read full article

Help Someone Out on Facebook (takes 60 Seconds)

Know someone who is looking for work or maybe their business is suffering? I think we all do Times are obviously tough, but do you realize the you have the power to absolutely help others find work and/or potential customers on Facebook? If you’re efficient you can do all 3 within 60 seconds. (and seriously…… Read full article

Facebook Business Page Redirects to Facebook’s Homepage?

Does your Facebook Business Page automatically redirect to Facebook’s Homepage? Or can you only see your page when you’re logged in? This question has popped up many times from clients in the past few months so I decided to write about it. **NOTE, since this article was written, Facebook has implemented a “log in” pop-up… Read full article

Why is The Facebook Suggest to Friends Link Missing?

About a week ago, Facebook apparently disabled the “Suggest to Friends” link on pages you don’t administer. Wondering if this is a temporary thing… Hmmm, my suspicion is that too many folks were, (pardon the phrase) “pimping” it. Once again I’m sure there were the industrious a-holes who went too far and sold names/lists of… Read full article

How to Download Everything from Facebook

Not a really well known tool, but *may* be handy for some folks… If you want a copy of essentially everything your ever done, Facebook gives you the ability to download a browseable zip file. This tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your: Photos Videos Posts on your wall All of… Read full article

Will Your Facebook Account(s) Be Deleted?

Say Wha?? The Message: Don’t Use Fake or Multiple Logins Why even mention this? Because it would be a shame to lose all the work you’ve put into your Facebook presence thus far. FACEBOOK IS DEFINITELY DELETING ACCOUNTS OF THOSE USERS WHO HAVE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – (yes, I’m yelling) This is strictly forbidden within Facebook’s… Read full article

Why a Facebook Business ‘Page’ instead of a Personal ‘Profile’

The Difference Between a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Personal Profile NEW! Great News! Now Facebook has implemented a way for you to convert your personal Facebook Account to a Facebook Page. Most importantly, small biz owners, don’t be embarrassed for a second if all of this social networking business is confusing to you…… Read full article

How to Rename Your Facebook Page

Since this article was first written, Facebook made a few changes… so we did too. So for pages with more than 100 connections, the official short answer is… you can’t rename your Facebook page. =( The only work-around at this point is to delete the page and start over. (but build your new page first… Read full article