About a week ago, Facebook apparently disabled the “Suggest to Friends” link on pages you don’t administer.

Wondering if this is a temporary thing…

Hmmm, my suspicion is that too many folks were, (pardon the phrase) “pimping” it. Once again I’m sure there were the industrious a-holes who went too far and sold names/lists of friends to get their FB numbers up and ultimately just ruined it for the rest of us. (nice… thanks, really appreciate it!)

That link really made it very convenient for getting people to “like” your page and/or suggest it to other friends

Facebook Pages you admin: (link still there)

facebook suggest to friends link (still there on pages you admin)

Facebook Pages you don’t admin (link is gone)

facebook suggest to friends link missing from pages you don't admin

Now it looks like you have only ONE choice: to “SHARE” it

(link on bottom of page on the left)

Is this a GOOD thing or BAD thing for Facebook?