If we can’t rank you (organically) on

Page ONE of Google 



How It Works


It's important that we research your desired target cities and keywords together, so that we can ensure your goals are met

Cities and Keywords Researched

Local SEO is a very specific business… choose your local areas wisely.  We need to optimize each of your services offered with each of the cities you choose.


We painstakingly develop custom, highly optimized landing pages that will rank on Google Page One using the look and feel of your existing website.

Landing Pages Developed

Our development team builds and optimizes landing pages based on our combined research.


Once the pages are launched, Google indexes them and your customers are clicking and calling you

Pages land on Google Page One

Our landing pages typically rank organically on Google Page One within a few days… if  they don’t rank, you don’t pay.


Here’s How We Do it:

In short, we can provide combinations of city/service local landing pages. (based on owner’s choices of desired cities & services, and monthly budget) Exa: “Janitorial Services Menlo Park” = 1 page

Local-SEO Service Northern CA

1) Comprehensive Analysis

First, we conduct a very thorough and comprehensive analysis of exactly what services you’re offering as well as your top service areas.  Then we perform an SEO audit to check your current optimization.  We also look at your existing search results as well as what our competitors are doing.  From this, we can derive an informed list of keywords and key phrases we should target.

2) Locales and Keyword Research

Researching these locations, keywords, and phrases allows us to generate valid data, which in turn provides the metrics needed to drive your business online to the top of Google searches.  These newly created resulting locations and key phrases are then carefully and correctly coded into your existing pages along with our newly created landing pages by our highly skilled developers.

3) Comprehensive Strategy

We will create a custom, comprehensive strategy based both on  your  requirements and our research.  We optimize your existing website (or build you a new one) then create our optimized local landing pages.  The objective is obviously to generate massive traffic and invoke conversion from Google searcher to YOUR customer.  In other words…  we want to make your phone ring by paying customers.

4. Page Speed Optimization

We scour your website to see if there are opportunities to speed up your page loads.  From large images to unminified  JS, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON, slow plugins and subpar webhosts,  we ruthlessly scan your existing web properties to see if we can make it faster.  This is a very a BIG deal to Google, ( as it should be, because they are constantly thinking about *their customers)  If you’re interested, we can also maintain your entire WordPress website and our attendant landing pages, to make sure they are always secure, fast, and optimized.

6. Monthly Reports

We provide you with monthly Google Analytics reports, so you can see exactly how your customers are interacting with your website.  There is 100% transparency, as they are your reports and you will have 24/7 access to them via your Google Account.

7. Link Building

Building links on your website is an important piece of your success on the web.  This includes onsite and offsite links.  We continually focus on the quality of links and not quantity of links.  This is a process that takes some time to build correctly, but well worth the effort.

8. Content Strategy

As Dave Naves, Founder of Daveworks constantly preaches, quality content is the biggest key to getting found on page one of Google.  We will help you create quality content that will answer your customers’ most frequent and relevant questions.  This is most important, as keeping a customer on your website (known as sticky content) is tracked by Google

Our Work is Transparent

We’re proud of the fact that everything we do is transparent.  We don’t like unethical or shady business tactics just as our customers don’t.  The fact is, honest businesses are more successful in the long run… and we’ve been in this for the duration.

Our Guarantee:

If a specific landing page isn’t listed (organically) on Google Page One for more than 3 days, you will not be billed for that landing page for that month

Daveworks Web Development is a local SEO company that delivers results to our clients.  We’re headquartered in California, providing local SEO services to clients throughout the United States.

Local SEO services in California: Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Auburn, Lincoln, Fair Oaks, Rocklin, Roseville and many other areas across the United States


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