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Know someone who is looking for work or maybe their business is suffering?

I think we all do

Times are obviously tough, but do you realize the you have the power to absolutely help others find work and/or potential customers on Facebook? If you’re efficient you can do all 3 within 60 seconds. (and seriously… who doesn’t have one minute within a day to help a friend?)

These may seem like litte obvious things, but you might not realize what’s going on in the background, how it can help for future updates or who will be benefiting from your actions.

Here are very simple yet effective ways to help:

Facebook Like Button

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1) The Easiest: Simply “Like” their Business Page

– Visit Page
– Click “Like”

Remember, when you click that button, you’re not just “Liking” a page… you are actually subscribing to that business feed, which means you’ll see future updates from that page. Why is this important? Because each time you communicate with that page (like, comment & share, etc) you’ll be openly doing this in front of *your network* of friends. And to your business owner friend, that’s huge! And conversely, wouldn’t you want your network of friends to see something that may be of interest within that friend’s business?

Facebook Share Link

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2) The 2nd Easiest: “Share” Their Page

– Visit Page
– Go to bottom left of page
– Click Share Link
– Key in some nice words in the pop-up
– Click Share Button

This is a great thing to do for your friends business, because you put a personal spin on the share when you leave a brief message along with it. And if you can “TAG” the person within your share (key in @your-friend’s-name and make sure to wait for the dropdown menu with friend choices) – Facebook will automatically send them an email and they’ll most likely respond right back – maybe even do something nice in return? ;)

Facebook Recommendations

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3) The Best: “Recommend” a Business

– Visit Page
– Look towards top-right of page
– Enter Text in “Write a recommendation…” field
– Click Enter Key

Testimonials are absolutely huge on the web. If you *really* have done business with someone and you were happy with the service, let the world know about it. Note: Only users who list themselves as living in the same city or otherwise within roughly 12 miles of your business will see the Recommend Link.

So go help someone you know today using Facebook… it’ll just take a minute out of your day.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret… shhhh, are you listening?? (paying it forward in the social world goes a long way and often comes right back to you)


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