Facebook LogoDo you have more than one Facebook account? Have you been falsely logging into different accounts for your business? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, you are risking having Facebook shut down *all* of your accounts. Luckily for you, Facebook has implemented a way for you to convert that account into a business page.

Why should you convert your (false) personal account(s) to Facebook Page(s)?

Personal accounts are meant for actual people, they really don’t meet any business requirements. (and Google can’t see personal profiles) Facebook “Pages” have far more features available for organizations, businesses, brands and public figures.

If you have a personal account for anything other than *you* (a real person), it is a violation of Facebook’s Terms. Quote from Facebook: If you don’t convert your noncompliant account to a Page, you risk permanently losing access to the account and all of its content. 

Difference between a business account and a personal Facebook account?

I’ve written about the differences of Facebook Profiles and Business Pages, but Business *accounts* are created for those only wanting to use Facebook to manage Pages and ad campaigns. The problem with business accounts is that they have limited access to any decent information on Facebook and don’t have timelines and other important features.

What timeline content will be transferred when you convert?

• All friends and subscribers will be converted to “Likers.”
• Profile picture will become your Page’s main images.
• Your username will become your Page’s Facebook web address
• You’ll remain the admin of any Facebook Pages you managed

What content will NOT be transferred when you convert?

• Photo albums
• Profile information
• Your ability to remain the admin of any groups or apps you previously managed (add new admins before converting)

*Make sure to download any important content before converting.

Can you convert the newly converted Page back to a personal account?

You can submit a request for a reversal.Again, it’s against Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to maintain a personal account for anything other than for you, personally.

Sound like you might want to go for it?
Then click here to convert your personal Facebook profile to a business page.

**just make sure you read ALL of what’s involved *before* performing this task at Facebook.com, here:

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