The Difference Between a Facebook Business Page and a Facebook Personal Profile

NEW! Great News! Now Facebook has implemented a way for you to convert your personal Facebook Account to a Facebook Page.

Most importantly, small biz owners, don’t be embarrassed for a second if all of this social networking business is confusing to you… (it is for everyone and the rules can change by the hour) It’s OK if you don’t yet fully understand. You’ve got a business to run and if the WEB isn’t your primary business then you just need to look around a little to find your answers. By the way, beware of those who call themselves “Social Media Experts.” (there are many out there doing this) Those who really ARE would NEVER say it. (folks like @tamar, @chrisbrogan and @viperchill) – These folks really do know what time of day it is within this medium, and are worth “following.”
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Anyway, I thought I’d write a quickie post about Facebook “Pages” vs. “Accounts” (or “Profiles”) — how to avoid doing it “wrong” and why.

I continue to see businesses falsely signing up for personal Facebook accounts with their business names and ultimately shooting themselves in the foot.

(bear with me)

IMPORTANT NOTE: to create a Facebook Business Page correctly, DO NOT CREATE A NEW FB ACCOUNT! You *must* be logged into your 1 personal Facebook Account (profile) as you create the business page. Don’t worry, your personal info won’t appear on this new page unless you want it to.

First of all

It’s against Facebook’s Terms of Use (you can’t sign up for a personal account under a false name… including your business name.) People are social and businesses are not. And if Facebook allows it, they’re done. They don’t want to become a big billboard (and they really don’t need anymore headaches right now) ;^ )


A Facebook “page” is different from your Facebook “account,” in that a page doesn’t require a user to become a “friend” to view the content. You don’t even have to “Like” (formerly “Fan”) it to view it. That’s important. Why? If you want someone to read what you’ve written for your business, why force them to befriend you first? They won’t take the time. AND you shouldn’t ask someone to be a friend if they aren’t. Think about that… people often get personal up there on FB (as they should… it’s a social medium) and they feel put on the spot if you ask them (as your business) to be your friend, when you’re not even giving them your name, it doesn’t come off very well. Befriend “friends.” Ask others to “Like” your page via “Suggest to friends” (right nav on your FB page)


Facebook pages are made specifically made for business content (hopefully you’re business is offering free and helpful content and not just advertising) AND pages are visible to Google. (probably the most important aspect here) Personal accounts are locked out. Try it: Here’s our Facebook page (notice how you can see the content?) Now go to my personal account (Locked out, aren’t ya?) So if you sign up under your company name, (first name/lastname) all potential visitors will also be locked out. Not very helpful. By the way, you CAN sign up for a business account… but it’s almost useless since Facebook locks out so many features.

So in short, if you have a business, create a page and invite people to “Like” it. Otherwise, keep the social in social networking.

NEW! Great News! Now Facebook has implemented a way for you to convert your personal Facebook Account to a Facebook Page.

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