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Protect Your Kids with SOS App for Smartphones

Once again, as a protective dad, I felt compelled to post an article that showcased a couple of decent “SOS” apps that can help protect our children. These are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick 30,000 foot view: You simply install one of these apps on your kid’s phone, configure it once and all they… Read full article

Dangers of Using Multiple Domain Names

Do you use more than one domain name for a single website? Are you certain that this “pointing” is done correctly? I ask because this scenario comes up almost daily in my business and I see folks getting virtually punished for not knowing about nor implementing this “redirect” correctly. There is a belief that having… Read full article

How to Redirect Your Website

Do you want to have your website automatically redirect to another site or specific page? (read on) Redirects are fairly simple. BUT you need to know what type of file types you are using (php, asp, cfm, etc.) OR if your webhost uses to “cPanel” you can this without knowing code.(watch quick video) One important… Read full article

Sacramento Web Design

With a clear, direct approach in Sacramento, Daveworks Web Development is a full service Northern California website design and development firm, specializing in Web Design Sacramento. Our company offers professional web design, development, ecommerce, blogs and consultation services at affordable rates. Daveworks offers a wide range of search engine optimization techniques that has many years… Read full article

Do NOT Put Your Email Address on Your Website

WTF… Why? Just a reminder to *NEVER* put your email address on your website. (or on any site that is indexed, even twitter, stumbleupon, etc.) It might seem a little crazy, but understand that putting an email address (linkable or not) on a searchable website means you’re also allowing it to be “farmed” by spammers… Read full article

Danger of Approving Comments on Your Blog from “Nice” Spammers

Just thought I’d send a quick post about this subject… in short don’t approve comments without reading each one thoroughly. Even though comments can give you more content and make you look popular, they can also adversely affect your search engine rankings among other things.

Take and Edit Web Screenshots Faster on PCs and Macs

I’m always trying to find more efficient ways to work as a web developer. And creating/editing screenshots are no exception. If you’re a designer, developer or web enthusiast and want to take a screenshot and edit the file before sending it off or uploading it, there are easier methods than using Fn/Print Screen on a… Read full article

Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard

I normally don’t write about hardware, but since I was pleasantly surprised, I thought I’d take a second to share. Although I’m a sh*tty typist and really have no business writing product reviews I still need to use one that’s comfortable. Apparently I’m hard on them (my ‘B” key failed on my last keyboard) Why… Read full article

Cleaning your text in WordPress (part deux)

This is just a backup post to my earlier recommendation to “Clean your text” to get better search results AND keep the formatting of your pages/posts. Well the great news is that within WordPress there is a cool little button within the Visual tab named “Paste as Plain Text” It does the work for you…. Read full article

The importance of backing up your website… what you may not know

Just a quick note about maintaining one of the most important business tools in your arsenal… your website. What would happen if you lost it? Yes… lost your entire website. I did and it hurt… BAD! Ouch! =( Some time ago, one of the web servers my company had leased had crashed… no biggie, right?… Read full article

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    With an innovative air technology packaging system that is poised to revolutionize beverage product shipping and a host of other goods worldwide, we needed a web developer that could build a platform suitable for showcasing this breakthrough development. My search lead me to DaveWorks. Dave Naves understood our vision for an inbound marketing platform as opposed to a 20 page website that is specifically tailored as a social media marketing "hub". DaveWorks design makes posting, blogging and updating via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or RSS feed platforms a breeze. We are one week into our "live" site and are already at the top of the search engines. Thanks DaveWorks we will recommend you to everyone we know who needs a solid social media launch pad!!!!
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