Protect Your Kids with an SOS App for Smartphones

Once again, as a protective dad, I felt compelled to post an article that showcased a couple of decent “SOS” apps that can help protect our children. These are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s a quick 30,000 foot view:

You simply install one of these apps on your kid’s phone, configure it once and all they have to do is click a single button if they are ever in trouble and need help. Clicking the SOS button will immediately send an SOS message with an exact GPS location (map) to pre-configured contacts.

That’s it.

I’ve tested the app for Droid and it works great. I must say, having this installed gives a protective parent greater peace of mind.

SOS App for Smartphones

SOS app for the iPhone

(SOS-Pro, by i2e Consulting LLC | $0.99 )

SOS app for Android

(One Touch SOS, by IDEOPHONE | FREE)

SOS app for Blackberry

(Personal Guardian, by SnapSecure | $89/yr – 15 day free trial)

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“Daddy” D