This is just a backup post to my earlier recommendation to “Clean your text” to get better search results AND keep the formatting of your pages/posts.

Well the great news is that within WordPress there is a cool little button within the Visual tab named “Paste as Plain Text” It does the work for you.

Here’s a screen shot to show you the location:

Paste as Plain Text in WordPress Button

Paste as Plain Text in WordPress Button

(click for detailed view)

So the next time you MUST copy from Microsoft Word to WordPress, simply:

  • Copy the text in MS Word
  • Click the “Visual” Tab
  • Click your cursor inside the main text field in WordPress
  • Then click the “Paste as Plain Text” button
  • Your done!

Clean as a whistle and now you actually have a chance to have Google come through and index your site, finding WORDS and not formatting “cr@p.”

;^ )