With a clear, direct approach in Sacramento, Daveworks Web Development is a full service Northern California website Sacramento Web Design | Daveworks Web Development image design and development firm, specializing in Web Design Sacramento.

Our company offers professional web design, development, ecommerce, blogs and consultation services at affordable rates. Daveworks offers a wide range of search engine optimization techniques that has many years of proven results in the search engines. All of this of course, is designed to to help small businesses succeed in what we call “The War of the Words.”

Our team of experienced web developers can provide Web Design Sacramento that will meet specific needs for Sacramento businesses. We power web sites with the most bleeding-edge technologies available today. Whether the needs are basic or complex, Daveworks Web Development provides the service and skills needed… all at an affordable price.

Daveworks offers solutions to improve internal business operations, enhance marketing efforts, and increase profitability. We offer domain name registration, hosting options, e-commerce, product catalogs, CMS, BLOGS, billing systems, newsletters, database solutions, SEO and much more! We support a wide range of open-source web applications. Our team will work with your company to ensure that our services are tailored to meet your company’s needs.

What People are Saying

“Thank you very much for your work on my website. Your company was easy to deal with, your rates were very resonable, and the results were better then expected. You have yourself one happy customer.”
Bret Ervin – ERVIN Sales

“Daveworks provided us with a fantastic website and courteous customer support. Very knowledgeable. Keep up the good work!”
Chris, Xtreme Discount Cycle – xdcycle.com

“The professionalism and knowledge of Daveworks has taken the guess work out of getting my site up and runing. I feel confident I have a partner that can be relied on.”
– Steve M., ServiceContractors.net

“Thanks Daveworks! Love the site… On time and On budget.”
– Kim N., Milky Music

“We appreciate the special attention you gave our project.”
– Jeff H., Docufide

“Your team wowed even me with the expertise and attention to detail. Thanks!”
– George H., Enhanced Entertainment

“Dave Naves. In a few short words, simply the best! I began working with Dave when I was a Marketing Director given the challenge of developing and launching a National e-commerce site. I came at this project with a lot of ideas about marketing and NO web or e-commerce experience. Dave not only built our site but along the way taught me enough about the process to begin to manage & market the site myself. We launched 5 days early and were successful from the beginning. I have since formed my own business and again Dave was right here with me. He built a great site working closely with me and my art director. Again, by the time we launched I was prepared to steer the ship on my own. He still coaches me, but I have a great tool box of Dave tricks at my disposal that enables me to keep the required coaching to a minimum. It is one thing to have garnered the vast knowledge and experience in the ways of the internet and web marketing world that Dave has. It is a completely different thing to be able to take complex concepts and translate them into a language that can be absorbed and used by the average person. More importantly, Dave does this with the friendly approach of a teacher. No question too silly, no mistake too large. I continue to recommend him to everyone I know with the greatest enthusiasm.”
– Kerry Blessing, Sound Cinema Integration, San Francisco, CA

“Working with Dave Naves is like working with a great teacher or coach. His understanding of how to succeed commercially on the web is expansive. His efficiency is high-you don’t pay for fluff-you get real tangible value. You will find success with him and his associates for web development. What degree of success you end up with will depend on your degree of willingness to be clear about what you want and where you want to go. Dave is also very good at asking the right questions to help you clarify your direction, but you still need to do your homework to have an understanding with any technology driven media. He did his part for us consistently like clockwork and worked well with keeping the project on schedule. By creating a flexible web infrastructure, his work has positioned our site to continue our growth in transaction numbers and ability to handle possible changing data exchanges. The real question will be can you keep up with him?”
– Lon Kennedy, NovaCycles.com, Granite Bay, CA

“Need a website but don’t know where to begin? Begin with Daveworks and you’ll never look back, or elsewhere, for website-related help. Dave walks you through everything, works at your pace and teaches you to do yourself what others charge to do for you. A website from Daveworks is worth every penny – and you really don’t pay that many of those considering all you get in return. Thanks, Dave, for everything you’ve done for us. You’ve got a fan for life.”
– Jette Shears, Placer Self Storage, Rocklin, CA

“When one thinks of ‘effective web presence’ and ‘Dave Naves’ at the same time, the phrase ‘walks on water’ comes to mind!”
– Richard Hall, Bottomline Lawyers, Auburn, CA

“Working with Daveworks was a great experience. While some aspects of web development are confusing Dave took the time to educate us on the entire process. On time and on budget! Great work!”
– Steven Achstein, CTO, MyoPower Inc., Granite Bay, CA

“Thank you very much for your work on my website. Your company was easy to deal with, your rates were very resonable, and the results were better then expected. You have yourself one happy customer.”
– Bret Ervin, ERVIN Sales, El Dorado Hills, CA

“Our company recently hired Dave at Daveworks to build our web site. We were impressed with his knowledge of web building and the finish product exceeded our expectations. We recommend him to anybody that’s in the market to build a web site.”
– Todd Heldt, Todd Heldt Excavating, Inc., Sacramento, CA

“Dave Naves of Daveworks created our third and final website! His knowledge and expertise is demonstrated by his ability to communicate the complicated tech world to average computer users!! We highly recommend Dave Naves of Daveworks Web Development for all your blog, website, social networking needs.”
– Keri Roeder, Owner, Yamasaki Nursery, Auburn, CA

“Dave is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with. He took the terror out of putting up a website.” – Lynn Flores Insurance Agency, Auburn, CA “The professionalism and knowledge of Daveworks has taken the guess work out of getting my site up and runing. I feel confident I have a partner that can be relied on.”
– Steve M., ServiceContractors.net, San Diego, CA

“I did alot of checking around first and talked to web development companies all over Sac and the Bay Area. After talking with Dave the first time I knew I had finally found the right guy. Dave and his team are a step ahead of everyone else in this business.”
– Scott A. Parvin, President, HB Express Transportation, LLC, Sacramento, CA

“Dave, I have had a web site for my plastic package opener the ” Zip-it Opener” for over a year. The site was complete with an online store but we experienced little attention or results from it. I realized I needed to make some changes in order to promote my product, and finding you was the best things that could have happened. I have never been interested in social media sites and was approaching this project with a great deal of trepidation. At our first meeting, you explained Social Media and how it would fit my needs in getting a knowledge of my product out to the public. I can only offer a heart felt thanks for your understanding of what I needed and your ability to get it done. Equally important to your setting up a site for my business that was social media friendly, was your patiently teaching me how to use it. It is one thing to have a race car, but quite another to know how to drive it. You instructed me in how to use the various social sites and how to have the best chance of getting known on the internet with it’s millions upon millions of users. Your concern was not so much the product, but that I was comfortable using it. Thank you very much for a great internet site, and I look forward to working with you as we grow and use the site.”
– Steve Fisher, Founder Zipit Opener, Walla Walla, WA

“Where to start? Spire Payment Solutions retained Dave’s services for the development of our web presence. So far, that has been the best decision we have made in the formation of our company! Not only has Dave’s insights propelled our company to new heights, he has created a web presence that is nothing short of amazing. Dave was able to capture the vision of our company and translate that into a web site that is appealing to the eye as well as a huge marketing tool. Once the site was posted, Dave educated me in the power he has installed in the web sites functionality. I was floored by the amazing things he was able to accomplish that put us in a power position when potential clients are searching Google for information . Our site was reviewed at by a retired graphic designer for DuPont, and he came away with raving reviews! The site was pleasing to the eye, organized and functional. He was very impressed.”
I can not stress enough, if you or someone you know is looking for a real professional to build a real web presence, Dave is your man. I will always be indebted to Dave for his insights, professionalism and creativity.

Thanks Dave !
– Mark Ayers, VP Marketing and Development, SpirePaymentSolutions.com

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Meet David Naves, President of Daveworks Web Development

David Naves, President, Daveworks Web Development.David has had over
19 years experience in the Internet industry, co-founded an Emmy Award Winning Music Editing Firm in Los Angeles and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration. He lives in Auburn California with his wife and two children. He plays drums and enjoys using his general contractors license from time to time.

Among the larger clients, his company helped create and manage the goliath ticketing agency Ticketmaster.com. Ticketmaster has truly defined itself as the “Killer App for the Web.”

Citysearch.com is another popular web desitnation that his company helped develop which connects local businesses with customers.

Daveworks was also contracted directly by the Marciano Brothers, co-founders of Guess? Inc., to build out and manage the highly successful fashion conglomerate website Guess.com.

One of the world’s most popular children’s web destinations, DisneyChannel.com was also helped out by Daveworks Web Development. Some of these web properties included shows like Lizzie McGuire, Out of the Box, Kim Possible, and Lilo and Stitch, to name a few.

Back in 1995, Daveworks co-founded Filmbiz.com, the premiere resource for business entertainment online. Filmbiz.com represents a global network of over 10,000 businesses and individuals who comprise the entertainment industry.

With Daveworks’ experience in the web marketplace, the company is now focused on plugging in the power of the web to be the “great equalizer” for small, local businesses.

For a more thorough view of clientele, please check out the portfolio.