I normally don’t write about hardware, but since I was pleasantly surprised, I thought I’d take a second to share.

Although I’m a sh*tty typist and really have no business writing product reviews I still need to use one that’s comfortable. Apparently I’m hard on them (my ‘B” key failed on my last keyboard)

Why I like this one:

It has curves in all the right places.

  • It is ergonomic (but doesn’t split the keyboard in half) nor is it *too* curvy
  • It’s got a little stickiness to the cushioned palm rest, so my hands stay on it (instead of slipping off, like others I’ve owned)
  • It doesn’t have too many buttons that I never seem to use
  • The Ctrl button is not next to the Fn key (for some reason my lenovo laptop thought that would be a good idea – it wasn’t)
  • The delete key is big (yes size does matter)
  • It’s wireless (my first – don’t laugh… many others I’ve tried had drivers that conflicted with software)
  • The USB receiver allows up to 6 other “Unifying” devices to be controlled (saves USB ports)

If you’re looking for a new keyboard, then I’d check into this one… it’s worth the $60ish bucks

Enough said…