How to Avoid Retyping While Online - Keyboard imageA tiny, pragmatic, post-holiday tip while filling out a large text areas or long-winded emails (to avoid hair pulling or computer throwing)

When you’re finished typing your myriad of details, first, select all of your words and copy them: ctrl/a or cmd/a next ctrl/c or cmd/cTHEN click send – If/when you find out that your browser session has timed out, the attendant website or email app is unresponsive (arrrrgh) you won’t have to retype your novel. Just paste it right back into the text area or email and send after the online moons are back in alignment.

Also, if you are filling out a giant online form with multiple parts, just copy and paste each field’s content into a single text file or word doc as a backup along the way (and save). It might seem like a pain in the @ss while you do it, but far less so than having to start over. ;^ )