The Takeaway:

To broaden your search without getting too far away from your original query, use the tilde (~) character before a specific word

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Wanna make searching more effective, easier and faster? Use Google’s Synonym Search.

It’s very easy!

While you can certainly make great use of “Operators” like the + and – characters to modify your search, (adds or removes words from your search) you can also make quicker work of this by simply using the tilde (the ~ character) directly before the word for which you want Google to also find synonyms.

Example: you can search for “~cheap christmas trees” and Google will also return results like:
– cheap christmas trees
– inexpensive christmas trees,
– affordable christmas trees, etc.

It’s really helpful when you want to broaden your search results without getting too far away from your original search. Pretty cool!

Have search examples of your own that might help others? Feel free to share below.