Podcast: What is Buffer? – Explained in Plain English

What is Buffer?

Buffer: A Smarter Way to Share on the Web ™

Buffer is a FREE APP that offers a way to schedule your Tweets, posts and any other web-based information you wish to share. You simply fill up your Buffer with a click of a mouse and the BufferApp automatically posts them for you throughout the day. (at the best times for your particular audience)

Why should you care about Buffer?

  1. Social networks / micro blogs typically work on a timeline, (latest posts on top) which means that *most* of your audience never sees your posts and shares.
  2. If you’re like me and can only research and post every so often, then scheduled posts work much better.
  3. How much better? By scheduling your posts correctly, you can increase the number of views and clicks by 200%, double your retweets and significantly increase your Klout score.

What the Buffer Dashboard looks like: (click image to zoom)

Buffer Dashboard

Buffer Dashboard

How to Use Buffer

Essentially, you add the browser extension for Buffer, (Chrome, Firefox,
Safari) find any page content out on the web, click the Buffer Icon, which will add it to your Buffer account. Depending on your personal schedule settings, Buffer will automatically send your pages to your associated social accounts (currently Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) It’s really that simple.

What the Buffer Browser Extension looks like on Twitter: (click image to zoom)

Using Buffer with Twitter

Using Buffer with Twitter

What the Buffer Plugin on Sharebar looks like on someone’s website: (click image to zoom)

Buffer on Sharebar

Buffer on Sharebar

Download the Buffer Extension for your browser

Download the Buffer App for your mobile device

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