How to Use Google Sesame

How to Use Google Sesame to log into your Google Account securely via your computer, smartphone and a QR Code.

(when you’re at a location you don’t quite trust… like a hotel or Internet Cafe)

Since this article was written, Google has shut this project down, but with a promise of something better. I thought I’d post anyway, just to illustrate the awesomeness and how Google takes security very serious.

Learn it in about a minute

Ever get the creeps logging into your Google Account when you’re at a location you don’t quite trust? (I think we all have) Well, Google is working on solving this. They are experimenting with what they call “Sesame.” (as in Open Sesame)

30,000 foot view:
You use your computer, your cell phone’s keyboard and a QR code to log in. (#genius)

Step by step:

  • Visit: on your computer
  • A dynamic QR code is delivered to that page
  • You take your phone and QR code reader and scan it
  • Your phone delivers the Google login page
  • You key in your Google login info (through your phone)
  • Your computer screen is refreshed with you safely logged into your Google Account


Hope that helps,