What is Google Voice?

What is Google Voice

What is Google Voice

An unbelievably cool way to communicate… for FREE!

Google Voice provides a single number for all of your phones You can use it on your mobile devices, (and you can port your existing mobile number(s)) your work, your home and VOIP lines. You can even just plug a headset into a computer, dial and make phone calls *without* a phone! Google Voice isn’t tied to a specific device or location… it’s tied to YOU.

I’ve used this exclusively for over a year now and it ROCKS! Very easy to use and loaded with cool features. Oh yeah, I’m also saving about $3500/yr in phone bills! (truly)

Google Voice Described in Plain English | The Web in Plain English, by Dave Naves. Previously recorded on KAHI Radio 950AM, August 21st, 2015

Here are some short and sweet videos explaining how it all works:

Or, if you just want to go for it, visit Google Voice now.

How Google Voice Works:

You can choose the account option that works suits you best. Below are the different account types and how they work:

Google Voice Number:

With this option you get a brand new custom Google number that can receive calls from all of your phones. This means that whenever someone calls your Google number you can set it to ring all of your phones (ex. mobile, home, work phone) or just certain phones.

If you just want to use your existing home or work phone, you can get one of these, plug one end into your Internet connection and the other into your phone. Boom, done. FREE phone within the US and *super* cheap International Rates.

Google Voice Lite (Voicemail Only)

You can have the same voicemail for all your mobile phones. Simply add your existing numbers to Google Voice and then create your own settings, including: personalized greetings, voicemail transcriptions and share voicemail messages.It provides voicemail that feels like email.

Here’s exactly how I set it up:

  • Signed up for new Google Voice number
  • Forwarded the old office number for a few months ($28/month – thanks for the ripping me off, AT&T – that’s one of the reasons I left)
  • Plugged in a headset directly to computer to make and receive calls through the Gmail interface
  • Also got my regular office phone to work (not forwarded) with the new Google Voice Number by buying this cool OBi110 Bridge Just plugged one end of this little box into my existing router, and the other into my standard phone
  • Made 1 tiny change within my Google Voice settings
  • BAM, done!

Happy with all the features? YES! Ongoing cost? $0 (Bonus!)

*note: above mentioned products are Amazon.com affiliate linksGoogle Voice   Features:

Google Voice: Voicemail transcription

Google Voice: One number

Google Voice: Personalized greetings

Google Voice: International calling

Google Voice: SMS to email

Google Voice: Share voicemails

Google Voice: Block callers

Google Voice: Screen callers

Google Voice: Mobile app

Google Voice: Conference calls

Google Voice: Number Porting

Get Google Voice NOW!

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