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You may be saying to yourself: “I’m barely able to deal with Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter… why should I learn another?

Google+ truly is a game-changing social network that makes sharing on the web far easier with much less noise. How is it a game-changer? Google is the most popular search engine in the world and anything you post “publicly” on G+ is indexed way up there within Google’s Search Results. (So ask yourself: why wouldn’t I want better results on Google by posting on G+?)

You can share your insights, links and photos, chat with up to 9 people at once via G+ Hangouts and divide your contacts into G+ Circles. There are also tons of G+ Games and Instant Search always available within Google+ and the G+ mobile version of G+ has made available G+ Instant Upload and G+ Messenger to make your sharing experience easier

A quick peak at Google+

Explore Google+ Circles

(think friends lists)

Within Circles, you can share ideas and knowledge with different people and businesses.. Circles make it easy to organize and categorize your friends in one circle, best frinds in another, your family in another, customers in yet another, and even the town weirdo in a circles all by himself .=) (but they won’t know what circles they are in)

Explore Google+ Hangouts

(think Video Conferencing, but waaaaay better and easier)

Google+ Hangouts are a way of easily communicating with others via video. (watch out Skype and WebEx!) This feature is probably the most powerful within the G+ Arsenal. You can communicate with up to 9 people at a time…. just start a hangout, add who you want there and bam, you’re hanging out!

Explore Google+ Games

(think time waster – jk!) ;^ )
Google+ Games icon

Are you into playing games? G+ has an entire game room just for you. You can play and share with others who have similar gamining interests.

Google+ Search

(think search within your biz and personal networks)

Hey, remember it’s Google Search… and there is no beter search than that. You can use Google’s phenomenal search algorithm to search your entire social presence. From your friends to experts in certain fields, G+ Search can provide you with immediate results from your circles, news feed globally and public G+ posts.

Google+ Mobile

(think Google+ on the road)

Google+ Instant Upload

(think automatic uploading of pics without the fuss)

We all love taking photos and sharing them, but pulling those photos from your mobile device and uploading them to the web can be a pain … but with G+ Instant Uploadm it’s automatic so you don’t even need to think about it. Just remembered, keep your loved ones safe by turning off the geo-tag feature in your smartphone. (protect your privacy)

Google+ Messenger

(think sms/texting/chatting within your chosen groups – *huge* timesaver)

Find it hard to text or chat with a bunch of people at once? G+ Messenger consolidates all those separate conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone can converse at once. Very cool!

Google+ Sound Interesting?

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Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything image Or, are you not quite ready to join the network and want more info? Check out “Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything,” by Chris Brogan (one of the true masters of social)
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