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Do Not Use the Username ‘ADMIN’ in WordPress

Do you use WordPress CMS? Do you log in with username “admin”? I thought I’d mention how important it is to NEVER use that username ADMIN while logging into WordPress. This username often comes standard within auto-installs of this CMS. Leaving this name as is exposes a giant vulnerability for nasty hackers to gain access… Read full article

How to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

Learn it in about a minute™ Have you ever wondered how you can have a YouTube video inserted into your website? No, it’s not magic, it just takes a few steps and is very easily done. This article will illustrate exactly how to embed a Youtube Video on your WordPress site. Watch this short video… Read full article

Free Text Cleaner for Better Search Results

The takeaway: If you are copying and pasting content from Microsoft Word into your website, use this FREE text cleaner (below) to clean your text. (takes seconds) Why is this important? Because copying and pasting directly from MS Word can leave nasty little characters that: 1) Look freaky to your viewers 2) Prevent Google from… Read full article