Google ChromebookThey boot in 8 seconds, are completely web-based, (everything you need is online) safe, secure and are

#microsoft&applebeware ;^ )

Here’s what I have:

Have a few minutes? You might want to check out the videos below:

I’ve impatiently been waiting for these laptops…

Why? Because they are:

  • fast
  • simple
  • secure
  • cheap
  • not Microsoft-Based
  • all about the web
  • about making your stuff available no matter where you are in the world

Finally, a computer that boots quickly, doesn’t require me to keep software up to date, and saves time and money.

Getting Online is Infinitely Faster:

The Laptop is Über Secure

What About Apps?

Here’s the 14″ HP Chromebook I bought:
(found the best price on Amazon)
HP Chromebook 14-c050 (Sparkling Black)
HP Chromebook 14-c050 (Sparkling Black)

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