With an innovative air technology packaging system that is poised to revolutionize beverage product shipping and a host of other goods worldwide, we needed a web developer that could build a platform suitable for showcasing this breakthrough development. My search lead me to DaveWorks. Dave Naves understood our vision for an inbound marketing platform as opposed to a 20 page website that is specifically tailored as a social media marketing "hub". DaveWorks design makes posting, blogging and updating via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or RSS feed platforms a breeze. We are one week into our "live" site and are already at the top of the search engines. Thanks DaveWorks we will recommend you to everyone we know who needs a solid social media launch pad!!!!
Carole Adell | BevInflatePkg.com, Rosevile, California

I contacted Dave as part of my search for a website developer, and very much appreciated the time he spent with me on the phone. He was patient, listened well, and his expertise became increasingly obvious as we talked. I learned a lot of valuable business, networking, and web information in that initial conversation.
Steve Fawcett, Auburn, CA

Dave was great! He taught us a lot and went the extra mile to be sure we understood everything. Thanks Dave!
Tonja Moore | JMEnvironmental.net, Roseville, CA

Our company recently hired Dave at Daveworks to build our web site. We were impressed with his knowledge of web building and the finish product exceeded our expectations. We recommend him to anybody that’s in the market to build a web site.
Todd Heldt | PavingZone.com, Sacramento, CA

I have had a web site for my plastic package opener the " Zip-it Opener" for over a year. The site was complete with an online store but we experienced little attention or results from it. I realized I needed to make some changes in order to promote my product, and finding you was the best things that could have happened. I have never been interested in social media sites and was approaching this project with a great deal of trepidation. At our first meeting, you explained Social Media and how it would fit my needs in getting a knowledge of my product out to the public. I can only offer a heart felt thanks for your understanding of what I needed and your ability to get it done. Equally important to your setting up a site for my business that was social media friendly, was your patiently teaching me how to use it. It is one thing to have a race car, but quite another to know how to drive it. You instructed me in how to use the various social sites and how to have the best chance of getting known on the internet with it's millions upon millions of users. Your concern was not so much the product, but that I was comfortable using it. Thank you very much for a great internet site, and I look forward to working with you as we grow and use the site.
Steve Fisher, Founder | ZipitOpener.com, Walla Walla, WA

I did a lot of checking around first and talked to web development companies all over Sac and the Bay Area. After talking with Dave the first time I knew I had finally found the right guy. Dave and his team are a step ahead of everyone else in this business.
Scott A. Parvin, President | HBExpressIT.com, Sacramento, CA

Dave, You are the Greatest!! Our new web site is beyond awesome! We can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done to new and improve us!! You went above and beyond our expectations and provided excellence in customer service, your attention to the details and seeing to it that we got everything done just the way we wanted it (no matter how many times we changed our mind). I will tell everyone about you. Whoever said great customer service is gone has not worked with you. Thanks soooooooo much again for all you have done to get us on our new path to excellence! Visit us soon at www.courtyarddoro.com & be sure to like us on Facebook! (see, I can be taught) Linda Boyko White Orchid Events Courtyard D’ORO
Linda Boyko, Sacramento, CA

Dave knows his stuff, that's for sure. In fact, by optimizing his own site, that's how I found him - by googling. Google some questions about Facebook, and sometimes he comes out listed BEFORE Facebook. Now that's impressive. He is a considerate and patient teacher, and in the first few hours we spent with him on the phone, we learned a ton! We plan to do more...
Meryl , Denver, CO

I am the founder and owner of a small mobile telecommunications consulting firm. I normally don't write testimonials because I believe that those who do, take on culpability if someone reads it, moves forward and has poor experience with that product or service. So I write this testimonial with firsthand experience and great confidence that Mr. Dave Naves and his company Daveworks provide his clients with proven cutting edge services and Best-in-Class customer support. Like most of us, I thought that having a professional looking website was all that was needed in order to attract the right clientele. After performing some due diligence of my own, I learned that Dave is one of the TOP social media and web development experts in the country. After my first call with Dave, it became very apparent to me that there was a lot more to a business website than a nice layout and a clear message. Dave was quick to point out, that if your potential clients can’t find your company through an internet "keyword" search, then really your website is like a “star in the sky” with no map on how to find your company. Dave's keen insight, knowledge, personable and professional approach to web development made it clear to us that we had chosen the right guy and company for the job. Dave beautifully reconstructed our website and taught us the necessary skills to utilize the social media platform in order to maximize our search engine optimization results! Our Google ranking literally changed for us in the matter of weeks and we can thank Daveworks for that! I think Dave’s business name sums it up quite well…DAVE-WORKS! Thanks again Dave for all your patience and support! Sincerely, John Mellberg Founder & CEO Televoda Inc.
John Mellberg | Televoda.com, Folsom Ca

Working with Daveworks was a great experience. While some aspects of web development are confusing Dave took the time to educate us on the entire process. On time and on budget! Great work!
Steven Achstein, CTO | MyoPower.com, Granite Bay, CA

A true professional, an expert in the industry! Dave *is* the competition in this industry, he sets a tough grading curve for the rest. I would recommend Dave and his company to my mom if she decided to start a business or expand an existing business. He puts complex subjects into layman terms that are easy to understand. Customer service delivered above and beyond expectations. Trustworthy and Patient, we had complete confidence in Dave’s abilities after the first meeting.
Dave Moran | VisComOutdoor.com, Folsom, CA

Dave Naves created our third and final website! His knowledge and expertise is demonstrated by his ability to communicate the complicated tech world to average computer users!! We highly recommend Dave Naves of Daveworks Web Development for all your blog, website, social networking needs.
Keri Roeder, Owner | YamasakiNursery.com, Auburn, CA

We appreciate the special attention you gave our project. Thank you!
Jeff H., Docufide.com, Los Angeles, CA

Dave was so thorough in helping me put together and understand all of the social networking components for my business. It was a task that I was very intimidated by, and with his support and attention to detail I was able to put it all together. I even enjoyed the process! Dave and his knowledge are indispensable to me!
Peggy Seitzinger, Manager | RopersJewelers.com, Auburn, CA

Our firm hired DaveWorks for our web development and shopping cart. They went the extra mile in professional service, patience, help and understanding to get us working. With this and their in-depth knowledge of the web, marketing and shopping cart functions, we were able to upload over 300 of our articles up on the web within two weeks with very searchable characteristics. We were very amazed and realized this would not have happened without Davework’s help. Our website from the start has been very streamlined, functional and trouble-free. We recommend DaveWorks Web development to anyone who wants to build a website.
Giovanni Angello, TheSorellaLuna.com, Portland, OR

Daveworks provided us with a fantastic website and courteous customer support. Very knowledgeable. Keep up the good work!
Chris Ireland | XDCycle.com, Rocklin, CA

Great information. Great teacher. Great guy! Dave Naves was a pleasure to speak to re: our social media strategy. In just an hour and a half, we learned exactly what we needed to know in order to kickstart our campaign. Dave speaks to his clients in a language anyone could understand -- just the right mix of buzzwords, technical terms and analogy. Unbelievable resource of knowledge!!
Christine, Denver

When one thinks of "effective web presence" and "Dave Naves" at the same time, the phrase "walks on water" comes to mind! BottomLineLawyers.com
Richard Hall | BottomLineLawyers.com, Auburn, CA

Within minutes of meeting Dave I knew we had the right person to set up our website. Going into an online business with so little technology experience was a daunting task. Dave addressed our concerns with clear, understandable explanations, and answered the questions we didn't even know to ask. Within minutes of meeting Dave I knew we had the right person to set up our website. Going into an online business with so little technology experience was a daunting task. Dave addressed our concerns with clear, understandable explanations, and answered the questions we didn't even know to ask. A couple of months after that first meeting we now have an awesome website up and running. Dave was very professional and patient, and he did everything he said he would do, and more. Dave and his team will be getting our business again and I can easily recommend him to anyone. Good job!
Lisa Land | Owner, LaleiCase.com, El Dorado Hills, CA

Where to start? Spire Payment Solutions retained Dave's services for the development of our web presence. So far, that has been the best decision we have made in the formation of our company! Not only has Dave's insights propelled our company to new heights, he has created a web presence that is nothing short of amazing. Dave was able to capture the vision of our company and translate that into a web site that is appealing to the eye as well as a huge marketing tool. Once the site was posted, Dave educated me in the power he has installed in the web sites functionality. I was floored by the amazing things he was able to accomplish that put us in a power position when potential clients are searching Google for information . Our site was reviewed at by a retired graphic designer for DuPont, and he came away with raving reviews! The site was pleasing to the eye, organized and functional. He was very impressed. I can not stress enough, if you or someone you know is looking for a real professional to build a real web presence, Dave is your man. I will always be indebted to Dave for his insights, professionalism and creativity.
Mark Ayers, VP Marketing | SpirePaymentSolutions.com, Portland, OR

Need a website but don’t know where to begin? Begin with Daveworks and you’ll never look back, or elsewhere, for website-related help. Dave walks you through everything, works at your pace and teaches you to do yourself what others charge to do for you. A website from Daveworks is worth every penny – and you really don’t pay that many of those considering all you get in return. Thanks, Dave, for everything you’ve done for us. You’ve got a fan for life.
Jette Shears | PlacerSelf.com, Rocklin, CA

Working with Dave Naves is like working with a great teacher or coach. His understanding of how to succeed commercially on the web is expansive. His efficiency is high-you don't pay for fluff-you get real tangible value. You will find success with him and his associates for web development. What degree of success you end up with will depend on your degree of willingness to be clear about what you want and where you want to go. Dave is also very good at asking the right questions to help you clarify your direction, but you still need to do your homework to have an understanding with any technology driven media. He did his part for us consistently like clockwork and worked well with keeping the project on schedule. By creating a flexible web infrastructure, his work has positioned our site to continue our growth in transaction numbers and ability to handle possible changing data exchanges. The real question will be can you keep up with him?
Lon Kennedy | NovaCycles.com, Granite Bay, CA

Dave is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with. He took the terror out of putting up a website.
Lynn | Flores-Insurance.net, Auburn, CA

The professionalism and knowledge of Daveworks has taken the guess work out of getting my site up and running. I feel confident I have a partner that can be relied on.
Steve M., ServiceContractors.net, San Diego, CA

Dave and the team at Daveworks exhibited the highest level of technical aptitude and delivered exactly what we needed. What separated Daveworks from companies I have worked with in the past is their ability to ask the right questions, listen closely to what is being said and even what is not being said, and clearly describing recommendations that best fit our needs and business objectives. I highly recommend Daveworks to any Company that is looking to maximize the results from the investment they make into their online presence.
Keith Dennis | Agabar.com, Roseville, CA

Thank you Dave (DaveWorks) for your quick responses to my Web and social media updating questions. You can take me from frustration to fantastic with your expert phone advice. With your help our website and social networking outreach are quickly becoming state of the art. Thank you!
Carole Adell | BevInflatePkg.com, Rocklin, CA

Your team wowed even me with the expertise and attention to detail. Thanks!
George Hubert | Carmosa.com, Pheonix, AZ

This was the third time we have used Daveworks for our Website needs and all I have to say is they NEVER disappoint. Great work and top notch service. No need to go anyplace else!
Bret Ervin, Orangevale, CA

Upon surfing the internet I came across Dave Works Web Development, I sent a message to Dave to get some help with some issues and problems I was having with setting up my social web page on Facebook, Dave called me back within minutes and took the time to answer all my questions and help me solve some issues I was having with setting up our business page. I was very much impressed with Dave’s knowledge and expertise. Right from the start, Dave was able to take a lot off my plate by helping me understand ways to increase customer traffic and solve technical issues I was having. Dave’s approach not only inspired confidence, but in turn will help me generate traffic for my business. After spending several hours trying to fix issues with my page, Dave gave me an effective solution to the problem in a very short time.
Bonnie Byrd , Lees Summit, Missouri

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